Moms Have Hilarious Reply When Sons Send Them A Selfie

April 19th, 2018

Sometimes a selfie is so good that we have to go back and recreate it to honor the moment and keep the memory going.

These moms did just that, but they added their own style to it.

Their sons were together at a Dodger’s baseball game when they did a thoughtful thing and sent a selfie of the four of them together enjoying the game.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 baseball game selfie
Satanscomedian on Reddit Source: Satanscomedian on Reddit

The moms were together at the time as well and thought it would be fun to create a selfie of their own to commemorate the moment.

This is what they sent. What do you think?

swiggle1 dot pattern2 moms selfie recreations
Satanscomedian on Reddit Source: Satanscomedian on Reddit

We think they may have actually nailed it! They even have the direction of the baseball caps down! The drink, as well as the thumbs up, just about completely recreate the moment. Some of the moms did a pretty good job of recreating the expressions as well.

This is one selfie that their sons aren’t likely to forget anytime soon.

Reddit users thought it was hilarious.

One Reddit user, ibarabi, said it reminded them of this image of two parents spoofing their son’s Facebook picture:

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Facebook selfie spoof
Perianderson on Reddit Source: Perianderson on Reddit

Some parents do seem to get a lot of entertainment from recreating the selfies of their children and we think they’re pretty great because of it, but you might have to ask their kids if they agree!

Another Reddit user, miistahmojo, commented on the picture of the moms recreating their sons’ baseball game selfie and said:

“Tickets to the game with buddies… $125

Baseball cap… $35

Stadium beverage… $9

Awesome moms sending you to the front page of Reddit…”

They do seem pretty awesome…

Franzee on Reddit added a touch of poignancy to the moment with their comment:

“What I love is the fact that I cannot imagine a scenario in which 3 of my friends (or cousins, but I don’t have that many cousins) and 4 of our respective mothers would sit together in any occasion, except maybe wedding if we make them. These moments feel very special to me.”

We agree that it is nice to see families getting along, sharing moments from good times, and having fun with it as well. There is a lot of discussion about technology tearing us apart, but it doesn’t have to. It can also bring us closer together, let us share special moments even when we are apart, and keep families in touch when everyone is at a distance and doing their own thing. Even silly selfies can help us stay connected to those we love.

Here is one more selfie recreation that we loved

This guy was taking some pictures with his new phone. His dad and brothers decided to go for the same look. We wonder where they all got the same hat!

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swiggle1 dot pattern2 Family selfie recreation
Imgur Source: Imgur

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source: satanscomedian via Reddit