Mom hears dog making mess in kitchen, catches dog eating whipped cream from can
Karen Quintanilla

It’s no secret that dogs are smart and cunning, and when their minds are set on a tasty treat, they’ll stop at nothing to get it.

When she heard the sound of a whip cream canister, this mom immediately went to the kitchen expecting to catch one of her kids in the act. What she found instead was hilarious!

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Sprawled on the floor was the family dog, licking cream from the can without a care in the world.

Truth always wins, and this hungry pooch was caught red handed sneaking in dessert before dinner. We can only wish we were cute pups able to get away with mischief like this! After all, eating some delicious whip cream from its nozzle makes it a much more enjoyable treat.

Watch the video below to see this clever pup slurp away. You’ll find you can’t help but chuckle!

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By Karen Quintanilla
[email protected]
Karen Quintanilla is a contributor at SBLY Media.