Mom Of 4 Builds House From Scratch By Watching YouTube Tutorials
She's clearly a super mom. The finished home is simply amazing!
Kristi Shinfuku

Courtesy of the Brookins Family
Courtesy of the Brookins Family

The internet can be an amazing place, and it just became more amazing as a woman and her family have shown the world a magnificent house, dubbed Inkwell Manor, that was built from scratch using Youtube tutorials.

Cara Brookins had just left behind two bad marriages, and knew that her and her children needed a place to live, but she quickly realized that the abusive relationship she had left behind had also taken a toll on her financially, and so she decided to take on a massive endeavor and build a home using Youtube as a guide.


Brookins then bought an acre of land in a suburb of Little Rock, Arkansas and began to build her dream home with her children. With a little estimation, she was able to guess that she’d only need about $130,000 to make it all come true.

“My oldest son, Drew, helped me draw the blueprint to get approved by the city,” she told CNN. With the approval in tow, she and her children got hard at work!


For 9 months, they toiled through, using Youtube, and a family friend who had building experience, when they couldn’t figure out how to solve an issue with the help of the internet.

The final product was done in 9 months, on March 31, 2009!


The house is 3,500 square-foot and dubbed Inkwell Manor because Brookins wanted a place to write. It boasts 5 rooms and a library!

She’s written a book about the experience, Rise: How a House Built a Family, and she hopes it will inspire people to keep dreaming big.

“I never intended to write a book. I was ashamed. But I think it is important to shift your perspective on any negative situation and do something big,” she notes about her experience.

“Never think of your situation as a solo journey,” she continues. “You can heal and grow together with your family.”

Life can throw unpredictable challenges into a person’s life, but Cara Brookins has proven that with family, anything is possible. The beautiful home represents their dedication to one another, and we can’t wait to see what they achieve next!


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[Source: Inside Edition/CNN]