Mom Of 6 Freaks Out When Her Boring, Messy Bedroom Is Completely Transformed
This room was described as '50 Shades of Beige' - look at it now.
Ana Luisa Suarez

Every home should have a space that mom and dad can relax in. But most moms and dads know that doesn’t really exist!

Randall and Deena Bacon have 5 beautiful children together, with one more baby on the way. While these parents are happily married and love their home, they don’t love their bedroom.

Over the years, it has become cluttered and they haven’t had the time to decorate it. The style of the room was described as “50 shades of beige.”

The couple appeared in an episode of Home Made Simple, which is hosted by Laila Ali. Their kids, Daman, 18, CJ, 11, and Randee, 4, all spoke about how amazing their mother is and why she deserves a bedroom makeover.

Before the new baby comes, they wanted to get the bedroom reorganized. Hopefully, this baby waits until they get to the hospital!

When Deena last gave birth, they were in the car when her husband turned around and saw the baby’s head popping out. Deena delivered the baby herself!

To tackle this project, Laila Ali teamed up with designer Lauren Makk and carpenter Jonathan Brewer.

When describing their room, Deena said she’d had a crib in the master bedroom for the last 3 years and now it is starting to fall apart. Their room is treated like a storage unit and the bed they have is from before she met her husband.

Laila asked Deena where she likes to go, since her bedroom isn’t a place she can relax, and the mom had a very honest answer.

“The bathtub, but I’ll still see little hands sticking through. I don’t have anywhere.”

She’d bought a little salt lamp to put in her bedroom, but it really hadn’t added much. Laila and Lauren both really wanted to create a bedroom oasis for this mom.

The only thing that Deena and Randall wanted to keep from their bedroom was the mattress. Everything else was welcome to go be donated or thrown away.

Laila and Lauren also noticed that the family had no pictures in their home, to which Deena said:

“I’ve been other homes where I felt like they had too many pictures, you know? I didn’t want to get it wrong and mess up.”

Lauren had a great idea to create mosaic photos of the children, which they hung in Deena and Randall’s bedroom.

If they look at it from one angle, they can see one face, and if they walk to the other side of the room, they’ll see a different child’s face!

The Home Made Simple team transformed the Bacon’s boring, beige bedroom into a fabulous new room. Rather than keep the plain wall colors, they went with a deep navy and worked a white trim onto the ceiling.

What do you think of the new bedroom? Doesn’t it look fantastic?

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By Ana Luisa Suarez
Ana Luisa Suarez is a contributor at SBLY Media.