Missing Dog Leaps Into Owners Arms After Two Long Years

July 11th, 2019

Sometimes, sad stories really do have happy endings, although some take longer than others before they reach that point.

Lord is a blue-eyed dog who was stolen from his owner’s yard in the Ukraine two very long years ago. He was missed, but despite their searching, they could not find him.

We don’t know what his plight was like in those two missing years, but we can guess that it wasn’t anything even remotely like his home life.

By the time he was brought into an animal shelter just recently, he was a neglected and worn down stray. He had mange and desperately needed to gain weight, but he was still alive.

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Galina Lekunova via Facebook Source: Galina Lekunova via Facebook

It was clear to the shelter workers that the dog had been through a lot and would need plenty of medical care and a chance to recover with them before he would be ready for adoption. Still, they had hope for the dog and decided to get to work on finding him a new home.

They posted his picture on Facebook, asking if anyone would like to adopt the large dog. That’s what started the beginning of Lord’s happy ending.


Facebook users all over the world saw the post, and it was shared and reshared thousands of times. There was something in Lord’s eyes that melted hearts everywhere. People everywhere were determined to help find him a forever home.

Because the post was shared so many times, it eventually reached exactly who it needed to reach – his original owner.

When the woman saw the picture of her long lost dog, she knew it was him and immediately called the shelter. The arranged for her to meet the dog, who they had been calling Alan, to see if he was really her long lost dog, Lord.

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Schastlivie.Zhivotnie via Facebook Source: Schastlivie.Zhivotnie via Facebook

Meeting again

The moment Lord saw his owner, he began to slowly recognize her. At first, he was a little excited but slightly hesitant.

All life returned to his eyes, and he hesitation disappeared as he happily sniffed her hand and remembered who she was.

He pawed her, then jumped up to lick her face, and then finally gave her a hug. It was his human! It looked like one of the happiest days he’d had in a very long time. He couldn’t stop giving her kisses. He couldn’t believe his luck.

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Schastlivie.Zhivotnie via Facebook Source: Schastlivie.Zhivotnie via Facebook

The shelter posted a video of their meeting and included this (translated):

“Tears of joy since the morning! Our Miserable Blue-eyed Alan has found his former masters! It turns out the guy was stolen from the yard two years ago. All this time the owners were looking for him, posted photos in groups. And here it is – a miracle. Thanks to your posts, the dog was seen by a family friend who lives in Australia!!! called the owners and they came for their treasure!”

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Schastlivie.Zhivotnie via Facebook Source: Schastlivie.Zhivotnie via Facebook

After two years of being missing, Lord was finally going back home.

There probably wasn’t a dry eye on the internet that day, or at least not among all of the people who had shared his photo and done their best to find him a home.

They had found him the best home possible – his home.

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