Adorable "milk drunk" ring bearer falls asleep at the wheel

September 5th, 2019

Prepare yourself for a triple dose of cuteness. A young family member being a ring bearer is pretty cute when it comes to your wedding day. There’s not much that gets the crowd saying “aww” like a young kid involved with the ceremony.

Asleep at the wheel

This youngster, Maxen, isn’t just going to steal the show because he’s cute, though. His parents have set him up with an adorable mini electric car to drive down and take the rings in. This little guy is obviously a speed demon and wants to show off his wheels. Except…

He’s obviously had one too many warm glasses of milk, and halfway down the aisle, you can see him drift off into the land of nod! The gathered guests quickly realize what has happened, and rapturous laughter ensues.


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Guests at the wedding start to laugh harder as the little one inches his way down the aisle starting and stopping several times. As he continues to drive in his sleepy state, adults attempt to help the kid, but it doesn’t do much.

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Kame House - YouTube Source: Kame House - YouTube

The front of the car read “Daddy, here comes mommy,” and he was quite obviously so excited to deliver the news he worked up himself for a nap. Mom said the morning was long and tiring morning and Maxen had had a nap before the day began.

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His dad who stood at the alter waiting for his son and eventually bride, says that Maxen is quite the character so this situation was no surprise.

“He has quite the personality. He’s just hilarious. He’s just a superstar on a daily basis. He was built for fame.”

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Kame House - YouTube Source: Kame House - YouTube

He really does look “milk drunk” as he struggles to work out what’s going on. His little automobile is swerving all over the road. It’s a good thing no junior police cars were at the wedding.

When he eventually manages to get further down the aisle to deliver the rings, the guests applaud. This little man will likely be shown this video hundreds of times when he’s older by parents Roselee and David Pierce.

Check out the video for yourself below.

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Source: Kame House