Michael J Fox shares special photos of his eldest son for his special day
What a loving father.
Irene Markianou

Michael J. Fox is a very popular actor back in the 1980s.

He started his career and became very famous in his 20s, but then, when he turned 30, and he was at the peak of his career, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Although he was able not to share the news about his incurable disease with the public during the first few years, he did let everyone know in 1998.

Today, he is struggling with this disease, which has actually taken things away from him little by little, day after day.

Luckily, there are several people who love and support the retired actor, who has been an activist over the last few years, hoping that Parkinson’s patients will get a better life in the future thanks to the research of his foundation.

His wife Tracy, who has been next to him since 1988, when they got married, and his four children adore him, and make him as happy as he can be.

His first-born was a boy, and then Michael and Tracy had twin daughters, and later on another daughter.

Their boy has grown up over more than a decade, and he has just turned 34.

You see, a week ago, Michael Fox posted a photo of his eldest son, Sam, blowing the candles for his birthday.

“Happy Birthday to my big bouncing baby boy @palekidd you are the best. Proud to be your pops. Love you!” the proud father wrote in the caption.

In the same post, there are two more photos of father and son posing in front of a water fall, and the father even gave a sweet kiss to his son in one of them.

The celebrity’s followers liked the post, which has now gotten more than 98k likes.

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The family loves birthdays anyway- they post funny photos and accompany them with smart captions, which makes them even better.

Last year, Sam posted a photo of him and his father, who was about to punch his face.

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“I might have a couple inches on you but I bet you could still take me in a fight…” he wrote.

Last November, Sam posted a photo of his sister Esmé, when she was a school child holding a stuffed monkey.

“Happy birthday to this little girl who is somehow 21 now!?!? (The monkey hasn’t aged a day)” was the funny caption.

As for the father and son bond?

They clearly have each other’s back.

YouTube - The Graham Norton Show
YouTube - The Graham Norton Show

Apparently, Michael has been supporting his child since he was born, but Sam also helps his father- especially regarding online communication.

As the pops shared in a recent interview, a troll had written something nasty about his Parkinson’s disease, and he wanted to reply.

Sam took over and said he should write “SMH” in his reply.

YouTube - The Graham Norton Show
YouTube - The Graham Norton Show

“SMH” means shaking my head.

When he did, the online troll apologized for everything they had said to him.

Watch Michael J. Fox recall it in the video below.

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