Man Makes Rice For Dinner - Wife Snaps Photo Of 'Measuring Cup' He Used And Erupts In Laughter
I can't believe this actually happened...
D.G. Sciortino

When you bring up menstruation around some men, they are either completely grossed out or completely clueless. Cindy Hobbs’ husband, apparently, is the latter.

He had no idea what he was looking at when he came across her menstrual cup.

A menstrual cup is a reusable feminine hygiene product that is placed inside of the vagina during menstruation to prevent blood flow from leaking out of the vagina. The cups are removed every four to 24 hours, emptied out, rinsed, and reinserted.

According to Scary Mommy, Cindy’s daughter got a hold of her menstrual cup and was playing with it. Once she realized this, she grabbed it up from her daughter and put it on the counter. She got distracted and end up leaving it there.

Rose Eveleth
Rose Eveleth

The next day she found it in an even worse place than in her daughter’s hands. She found it in a bag of rice.

“Just so happened I placed it right next to the rice he had sitting there,” she said on Facebook. “It was clean by the way.”

So, she texted her husband asking why it was there only to learn how clueless he really is.

“What is this doing in the rice,” she texted her husband with a picture of the evidence.

His explanation had her completed disgusted and shocked at how clueless he could be.

Cindy Hobbs
Cindy Hobbs

“I used it to measure the rice last night, it said 3 cups of rice,” he answered her back.

She responded with a nauseated looking emoji and he responded with a question mark.

“It’s my MENSTRUAL CUP YOU D**K POD!” she told him.

You’d think by this point that he would understand what he had done. Nope! Not this clueless man.

“?Menstalony soup”” he responded.

Not only did he still not know what a menstrual cup was, or the word menstrual, he was even screwing up minestrone soup.

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“It’s MINISTRONE soup you wanker! Google menstrual!” she replied.

Apparently, he did Google it because he had quite the response when he finally realized what was going on.

“Oh f**k!” he exclaimed.

Oh, f**k is right. So basically he technically fed his family vagina rice. Good job dad!

“My husband is BAD in the kitchen and I should have never trusted him,” Cindy told Scary Mommy. “He can’t cook at all, he burns toast, makes lumpy gravy, butchers fried eggs…he’s hopeless. But he’s constantly making me laugh and I wouldn’t have him any other way.”

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