It’s easy to romanticize life in a castle. Many of us imagine lavish feasts, grand festivals, medieval games, and all the rest. Although much of that did happen, it certainly wasn’t everything that life in a castle had to offer. It was largely uncomfortable, with sickness and disease a commonplace, and rarely did people get to experience the simple creature comforts that most of us take for granted today. If you’re curious about what life in a castle was really like then check out this list of 18 less-than-glamorous things about living in a medieval castle and be sure to share it with a friend!

The Toilet was Just A Wooden Hole

When it’s time to do our business, most of us don’t even think twice about how nice it is to have a toilet and indoor plumbing. Had you been living in a castle, however, that luxury wouldn’t have gone unnoticed. Going to the restroom in a castle involved sitting over a hole in a wooden bench. The smell, as you can imagine, wasn’t great, and oftentimes, you weren’t even doing your business alone. It was common for there to be multiple holes down the length of the bench that could be occupied by any number of castle residents.