US Marine Vet Works Out With 10-Year-Old Amputee

April 29th, 2017

A veteran of the United States Marine Corps recently decided to share a workout with ten-year-old Diego Mercado, who was born with only seven fingers and is missing his right leg. As an amputee himself, the retired marine was moved by Diego’s story and was equally as inspired by his amazing willpower.

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The veteran Jose Sanchez from San Antonio, Texas, first heard about Diego when he was training at the Warrior Fitness Center. He retired after a tour in Afghanistan, where he lost his leg. The owners of the fitness center shared Diego’s story, and Jose wanted to meet the little boy and help him out a bit, as it’s his dream to enlist in the army one day.

They decided to work out together, and a video of their quite intensive session has been posted online and has quickly gone viral. The amount of determination both Diego and Sanchez have is truly remarkable.

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The workout session consisted of pushing a heavy tire, along with a couple of push-ups and a nice run. In true marine fashion, Jose cheered and motivated his training partner. Diego is particularly happy when Jose shouts “Good job, man!”.

Diego’s father, Jason Mercado, is also a member of the US Army and he couldn’t be any prouder of his son. He also mentioned that the two were constantly around other veterans and amputees that day and that Diego felt really happy that he could fit in.

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After hearing about Diego, Sanchez truly wanted to give something back to the little boy who moves him greatly. Their determination shows that truly nothing can hold back dreams.

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