Abusive mother is in jail, but Marine sister surprises both brothers by gaining custody of them

Pranks are usually done for laughs and mischief. With Melissa’s story, this wasn’t the case.

MediocreFilms approached Melissa and asked her to be a part of their documentary. Little did Melissa know that instead of a documentary, she was going to be a part of Prank It FWD, a YouTube video series that does pranks for good causes.

Melissa was an older sister to two younger brothers, JJ and Christian. After being separated from their biological mother who was often in and out of prison cells, the three siblings had never been raised together and were always in different foster homes. Despite the fact that Melissa’s brothers were doing well with their foster parents, there was nowhere else they wanted to be but with their older sister, and she couldn’t help but feel the same.

YouTube Screenshot
Source: YouTube Screenshot

This isn’t a story that anybody would wish upon another person. With little guidance as to what to do, Melissa made the bold decision of joining the Marines and dedicated her years to becoming more self-disciplined. This ultimately gave her the courage to take the next step that many wouldn’t be courageous enough to do: adopting her brothers.

YouTube Screenshot
Source: YouTube Screenshot

Melissa decided that this was the best way to unite with her two brothers and be a family again, but this is no small task for anybody. She took the chance of pleading in court for their custody with no certainty of winning over the judge. Despite only being 21, Melissa was more than qualified to be a fit parent, and she knew this. People usually don’t undergo these types of experiences early on in life, but for someone who had become independent so young, she had confidence that the judge would look past her age. Melissa might have lacked the age, but she didn’t lack perseverance.

Melissa was much more mature than most people her age. It almost seemed like nothing could break her spirit, and having been a part of the Marines, she naturally became a very strong person. Her biggest struggle, though, came from financial stresses. This is where she received a pleasant surprise from Prank It FWD.

Without asking for the help, Melissa was supplied with a second cell phone, food and snacks for the road, a prepaid card for gas, $949 in the form of rent for the month, and last but not least, a brand new RAV4! Needless to say, Melissa was extremely grateful for their contribution.

Having relieved some of her financial stresses, Melissa was empowered more than ever before and was set to live a happy life with her reunited brothers. Inspirational stories like these are what keeps us going. Amidst all the bad things we experience everyday, there will always be a better day. We just have to stay strong to see that day come.

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[Source: MediocreFilms]

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