Throughout history, maps have been vital sources of information. In the past, cartographers traveled to remote corners of the world to precisely plot locations. Today, advanced technology, like the Geographic Information Mapping System, effortlessly generates the maps we use daily, often without us realizing it.

Modern maps serve more than just navigation and locating places; they provide insights into our planet, its population distribution, and animal migration patterns. To explore the world from various perspectives, check out this fascinating collection of maps and infographics.

Greenland Compared To South America

World maps indeed have a tendency to be misleading, as they can distort the actual sizes and proportions of continents and islands.

One significant example of this distortion is Greenland, which often appears massive when placed in the Northern Hemisphere.

However, when accurately compared side by side with South America, it becomes evident that South America is approximately 8.2 times larger, and it could entirely engulf Greenland.

The visual discrepancies on world maps can sometimes lead to misconceptions about the relative sizes of different geographical features