Man without a mask films Costco employee kicking him out and the internet takes employee’s side

May 27th, 2020

Have you ever argued with someone who was so positively sure they were in the right when they were so clearly in the wrong? It’s the most frustrating thing in the world, right?

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what a Costco employee, Tison, had to deal with. And let me tell you –

Tison dealt with it with absolute grace.

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A video was uploaded on the “Public Freakout” subreddit, titled “Costco employee breaks social distancing guidelines to harass me and take my cart because I didn’t have a mask on” by Reddit user u/foamlab.

The video consists of a man refusing to wear a mask in a Costco when asked to by an employee. He defends himself by saying things like “I woke up in a free country” and “I’m not a sheep” all while hurling insults at both the employee and the other customers. After realising that he isn’t arguing with a reasonable adult, Tison takes the shopping cart and tells the man to leave.

The best part is when Tison is confronted about the situation at the beginning of the video he states quite plainly and matter-of-factly what is going on. It’s completely reasonable.

“Hi everyone! I work for Costco and I’m asking this member to put on a mask because that is our company policy.”

The man refusing to wear the mask thought the internet would take his side completely.

The video was quickly downvoted into the netherrealm.

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u/foamlab eventually deleted his submission, but by that point, it was already too late and the video had gone viral in a way he hadn’t expected. Rather than getting the support he sought, people were sympathizing with Tison.

“I feel so awful for employees that are having to deal with these assholes right now. In addition to all the assholes they usually deal with” -u/Shutinneedout

“Mate, retail worker of all kinds are dealing with people who arent being as careful as they should be with all of this […] The employee was given instructions to keep himself and the rest of his team safer, he is following those instructions, you are not abiding rules that were laid out. He ain’t in the wrong here, the guy complaining about emergency restrictions and not abiding them on the other hand…” -u/SheiBataa

“I like that you put ’employee breaks social distancing rules’ as if you gave a fuck about it in the first place. Put a mask on or shop somewhere else. A store is free to enact their own policies on your entitled ass., Stop using the “free country” argument to justify your shitty behavior.” -u/seeteebee3

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One user laid out exactly how Costco was fully within their rights by enforcing their policies on their members.

“Costco is a membership club and it’s also private property. When you sign up for a membership, you sign the application saying that you agree to follow the rules, which may change at any time:

‘Membership is subject to any and all rules adopted by Costco including our privacy policies and practices, and they may be amended from time to time without notice.’

Whether or not this asshole agreed with wearing a mask or not, by having a membership he agreed with the rules and promised to follow them, even though they may change at any time without notice.” -u/flsucks

So no, Tison and other employees like him are in no way infringing on anyone’s rights.

If you wanted to walk in wearing only a speedo, they would be able to ask you to leave then as well.

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Considering some of the vile things this guy says to and about Tison, having his cart being taken away and asked to leave seems like a pretty light punishment. I would have thought after harassing an employee, Costco would have revoked this boy’s membership card.

There are a couple spots in the video where customers can be seen wearing masks, and otherwise just ignoring the whole situation, looking like they’re suffering from second hand embarassment. I feel for them.

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Honestly wearing a mask is the absolute easiest way to protect yourself and others.

It requires little effort and the masks don’t even have to be medical grade. COVID-19 is spread via droplets, it’s not an airborne disease.

So covering your mouth with a decently thick material, even just cloth, is enough to protect those around you. Maintain your six feet of distance, wash your hands, wear a mask and you really have all your bases covered. This isn’t pseudoscience, these are recommendations from the Center for Disease Control.

Look out for your fellow human being and just wear a mask. Pretend you’re in a zombie movie if you want. Whatever.

u/foamlab decided it would be a good idea to upload a response video, not to apologize for his wretched behavior but to continue insulting everyone who wears a mask to protect others.

The video is about a minute and forty seconds of ranting, specifically about how he isn’t a sheep, you’re the sheep. It’s everyone else who’s the sheep, not him. He’s not a sheep, he’s not. You. You’re the sheep.

Hipsters are all fine and dandy up until “not following the mainstream” means “not listening to medical professionals and scientists.” Everyone else believing the science doesn’t make it false.

It’s become a bizarre trend for people to disregard any widespread belief in an attempt to feel smarter or something. Listen to the professionals! They went through years and years of schooling and training for this! Being self-educated by YouTube conspiracy videos is not the same!

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Tison is my new hero for dealing with this guy so well.

There has even been a decent portion of people on social media advocating for #Tison to get a raise! Tison has of course been nothing but humble, and said he was simply ensuring shoppers and employees were as safe as could be.

Watch the video below and see the trainwreck for yourself, but fair warning, it is fairly maddening to see someone so stubborn be so wrong.

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