Man loses girlfriend to breast cancer – brings orchestra to hospital to lift spirits of other patients

November 14th, 2019

Music for the Soul

Music means different things to different people. What many will agree upon is that it is good for the soul.

Project Musica Para el Amma ( Music for the Soul)

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This is a project that was started by Jorge but was inspired by his late girlfriend Maria Eugenia Rubio

Eugenia’s Battle With Cancer

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Eugenia was diagnosed with breast cancer and slowly it took her life until she passed away in 2011. She was an impressive musician who played the flute. Her disease eventually prevented her from being able to perform or even play.

Jorge Was Her Rock

Jorge was by her side during her entire battle and always made sure she was privy to music. He would bring his fellow musicians to her bedside where they would perform for her.

The Outreach

During this time that Jorge was tending to Eugenia’s musical needs he saw the impact that the music was having on other patients.

Jorge Continues After Eugenia’s Passing

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Jorge could have climbed into a shell with the suffering he was experiencing as a result of the loss of Maria, but he didn’t.

Instead, he started a project where he and other musicians would go to where people were suffering to perform for them. They went to places like hospitals, nursing homes and schools for special education.

The Growth of An Idea

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This project became so popular that the small group of ten musicians grew extensively to the point where they were ready to travel outside of the borders of Argentina. The Music for the Soul Project has grown to 2,500 musicians. They have performed in ten countries.

A Busy Year

Members of the group are kept very busy with providing between 70 to 80 concerts a year.

A Legacy for Eugenia

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Jorge says that every performance is carried out in the memory of his beloved Eugenia and there is never any charge.

Jorge Knows The Power of Music

For Jorge, he says that music for him is like oxygen. As he was performing for Eugenia he got to see the power it had not only on those who got to listen but on the performers themselves.

Floating On Air

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Power of Music Has Scientific Backing

Jorge’s project is a true testament to the power of music. This can be seen in the reactions of all those who have the pleasure of listening to the musicians performing.

It goes beyond this however as there have been studies performed as to how music affects the brain.

Alzheimer’s Patients

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There have been studies that show that patients in the latter stages of this disease may not respond to anything else, but music has the power to get through to them. When these patients get to hear music that appeals to them often life will come back into their eyes and they will begin to move with the music or even sing. MRI studies have shown how the brain is responding to music.

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