Man Is Best Friends With An 800-Pound Grizzly Bear
Jenny Brown

Casey Anderson was out in the wild, exploring the wonders that planet Earth has to offer, when he had a startling encounter. Casey found an abandoned grizzly bear cub all alone, with no mother in site.

Rather than flee and run as most of us would do, Casey felt compelled to help the abandoned cub. He took him in and began to care for him. This marked the beginning of an unbelievable friendship.

Over the next few years, Casey and Brutus developed a relationship that is unlike anything I have ever heard before. They trust each others like best friends, and their story is absolutely inspiring.

Brutus spent most of his childhood growing up in Casey’s home. Once he was too large to stay inside, Casey let him live outside in the while. However, he still remained very close to Casey, and as a result of their relationship, Casey built Montana Grizzly Encounter Rescue and Educational Sanctuary, a place where people could learn more about bears and wildlife.

Watch the video below to learn more about Casey’s relationship with his 800-pound best friend. It’s remarkable!

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[Source: National Geographic]

By Jenny Brown
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