34-year-old man has mission to break as many Guinness world records as he can – then breaks 129 in 4 years

November 20th, 2019

Breaking one world record is a big achievement but breaking 129 is Epic

Meet David Rush

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David is only 34 years old but he has made it a mission in life to break as many Guinness world records as he can.

On The Bizzare Side

It may seem like a bizarre record but keep in mind anything goes when it comes to record-breaking at Guinness.

David broke the record and threw the tortilla 54 feet five inches. Another bizarre record broken was the blowing of a pea to go the longest distance. Which David accomplished with a distance of 41 feet 3.5 inches.

4000 Pounds Transferred in 21 Seconds

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One of Davids latest feats is transferring 40 pounds of weight from one hand to the other in the fastest time. The current record was 32.05 seconds. The official result he got to was 21.69 seconds. So he now has to wait for this to be verified by Guinness. For every attempt at breaking a world record with Guinness, there are always specific rules.

Going For Two Records

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David decided to go for two records at once. This time it had to do with tennis. One was how many alternating hits on a tennis racket using a tennis ball within 30 seconds and one minute. The previous record for 30 seconds was 90 hits. The record for one minute was 160 alternating hits. David accomplished 92 hits in 30 seconds. For the one minute challenge, he got 182 hits. David his most pleased with his double whammy record-breaking. He says it feels good to be able to hit faster than Roger Federer.

World’s Fastest Basketball Juggling

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David is intent on becoming the world’s fastest juggler, at least for basketballs anyway. David wants to do a series of challenges so he can be dubbed the world’s fastest juggler. This challenge meant beating 200 catches in a minute. The balls used had to be NBA basketballs. David’s accomplishment was 220 catches in one minute.


David has always been an avid juggler and started when he was eight. He entered his first world record-breaking challenge for this when he was 13. The record was an 800-metre run while juggling, called Joggling. But during his training, he experienced a bad knee injury.

A New Approach

Instead of giving up David changed his way of thinking. He decided to go for records that did not include as much aerobic activity.

Blindfold Juggling

David made a great come back from his injury by defeating the world record for blindfold juggling. His time was six minutes and thirty-four seconds.

Beating His Own Record

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David wanted to beat the first record-breaking record he had ever set which was the blindfold juggling. David’s new time was 22 minutes 7.01 seconds.

5 Ball Juggling

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Three balls or basketballs is not enough of a challenge for David, he just had to do it with four balls as well. It doesn’t seem like there is going to be anything stopping this amazing record-breaker.

The Reason For The Record-Breaking

Besides for the pleasure of breaking records David does these feats because he wants to bring attention to the academic subjects that he is so passionate about which is, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. He is a proud MIT graduate..

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