Wife Spots Husband Battling 'Black Ice' In Driveway, Captured Footage Has Laughing Out Loud

January 10th, 2018

While some people are begging for more snow, not everyone enjoys the winter months.

All that ice and snow makes it hard to travel to school and work, spend time outside, and even do basic things, like take out the trash. One man recently found out just how rough winter can be, and his wife just happened to be standing by to record his ordeal.

Alun Miles was asked to take the trash down to the curb on trash day.

This is something his wife usually has to remind him to do and something he happily does on a regular basis. He had no idea that this time would be different or make his wife so happy.

Like most people, Alun struggles to get up and going in the morning. The last thing he wanted to do was mess with dragging a heavy trash can in the cold. Still, he agreed to do it to make his wife happy. It happened to be a particularly cold morning in the UK, and little did Alun or his wife know, their driveway was a sheet of black ice.

Black ice is ice that has frozen onto the road but it appears completely clear or black, so it can’t be seen very easily.

It can be very dangerous, especially on highways and asphalt. Drivers are usually warned to watch for black ice, as it can cause accidents and make it almost impossible to stop. Apparently, even people walking need to slow down and watch out for this winter hazard.

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Alun started pulling the trash can out to the curb, but although his feet were moving, he couldn’t seem to get anywhere.

He was slipping and sliding all over the driveway and just couldn’t seem to get any traction. He finally got the trash can to budge a few feet but again slipped on the ice and slid back to the original position. It’s like taking two steps forward and three steps back.

His wife happened to be watching out the window and couldn’t control herself from laughing. The kids soon joined her, and they were all watching eagerly as Alun struggled with something so simple. They still couldn’t tell that the driveway was covered in black ice and couldn’t figure out why he was having such a hard time with the task.

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They decided to start recording the entire ordeal, and they can be heard laughing hysterically in the background.

Alun wasn’t about to give up, though; he continued to pull on the can and try to get it to the curb. Adding insult to injury, the garbage truck drove right by the house as he was still struggling to get the can to the curb. Most people would give up at that point, but finally, Alun’s wife decided to step in and help him.

She suggested that he try pushing the trash can in front of him instead of pulling it behind him. Of course, Alun didn’t think that would work, and he didn’t want to admit his wife was right if it did. Still, he must have been getting cold and tired because he decided to give it a try. Of course, it worked, and he was able to slowly get the can to the curb.

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Too bad he just missed the truck by a few minutes.

At least he knows the can is down there for next week. If they happen to get more ice, he doesn’t have to worry about going through this nonsense again. Then again, there is always a chance he will have more trash that needs to go. His wife and kids will probably have their cameras ready for the next show.

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