Man Adopts Shelter Cat So They Can Avoid Irma Together

September 12th, 2017

One Florida resident knew what it meant to feel safe and secure during a hurricane like Irma, so he decided he would take a stranger with him when he evacuated his state to dodge the storm.

That stranger was a tiny kitten named Ryder.

So, the Miami man rolled up to his local Humane Society and spotted an orange and white shorthair mix that was about 3.2 pounds and almost 3-months-old.

“If I am going to be evacuating from this hurricane I might as well do it with a friend,” Reddit user danknissan told Love Meow. “My co-worker and I went to the shelter together. When we went over to Ryder’s cage she was just so adorable (looking up at me). I decided to adopt her.”

So, the next day after work he picked up Ryder and they set out north together.

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danknissan Source: danknissan

“(It) was a 3-hour 30-minute trip,” the new cat owner said. “She slept for the first three hours but those last 30 minutes is when she got bored and spent it on my lap.”

When the two new friends stopped at a Sarasota hotel for the night, Ryder really started to warm up to his new owner.

“I love her so much and now we have arrived at our hotel and she came by my bed and is all warm and cuddly and I just love her,” danknissan said on Reddit.

Ryder drove all the way to North Carolina with her new family and fits in quite well.

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danknissan Source: danknissan

“My kitten loves my family as well,” darnknissan told Love Meow.

Danknissan is looking forward to getting back home to start his new life as a cat dad.

“I can’t wait to go back home to Miami so I can buy her all kinds of different things and just spoil her,” he said. “Hopefully, Irma passes through fast and causes no harm to anyone.”

He was a little concerned about the cat’s health at first but says that Ryder has adjusted well and will be taken to the vet when they get back to Miami.

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danknissan Source: danknissan

“I posted some concerns I had with my kitten like the fact she hadn’t peed or pooped or she wasn’t drinking any water,” danknissan wrote on Reddit. “Now 4 days later, my kitty is potty trained, eating and drinking well, staying calm in the car during evacuation (She has traveled more than 700 miles already) and she is so active and loves her toys.”

Danknissan said that Ryder is “super energetic and a lot of fun” but that she might not be Ryder for long.

He said he’ll likely change her name.

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Source: Love Meow