Stunning Makeover Makes 62-Year-Old Look Decades Younger

June 11th, 2019

At the age of sixty-two, LaDawn decided that it was time to treat herself to a makeover from The Makeover Guy to make herself look and feel younger.

It was almost Mother’s Day, and her daughter was getting married in a week. It was the perfect time for a new look to mark both occasions.

She seemed excited to get started. Who wouldn’t be?

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MakeoverGuy via YouTube Source: MakeoverGuy via YouTube

Starting with the hair

The first concern was her hair. She has what she described as “the Grand Canyon” in the back of her head due to how the hair grows there. She has been dealing with cowlicks and the strands growing in odd patterns, and it’s been a struggle for quite a while.

LaDawn isn’t alone in hating unmanageable hair. It’s a common problem that stylists have to contend with. Luckily, LaDawn was in good hands with The Makeover Guy. She went to the right place to tame her wild tresses.

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MakeoverGuy via YouTube Source: MakeoverGuy via YouTube

The makeover

And they did tame those tresses.

Not only that, but her flat and drab hair had been cut into a cuter and lighter layered style. They also went with a warmer tone for the color to flatter her coloring. It really made a huge difference.

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MakeoverGuy via YouTube Source: MakeoverGuy via YouTube

It will also be easy to maintain. The entire style was done without adding any product. That means that LeDawn can skip the process we’ve all been through – hopelessly trying to reproduce the salon look the next day in our own bathroom with a stack of mousse, gel, hair spray, and anything else we can think of.

Of course, it’s a makeover, so it wasn’t just about the hair. They also worked on her makeup, evening out uneven tones and highlighting her features, all while keeping the makeup fairly subtle.

This makeover guy really is a genius.

Who is The Makeover Guy?

Christopher Hopkins has been running makeup studios since 1990. His initial focus was on television personalities and actors, but he has since expanded to serving anyone who would like his services and can get to his location.

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MakeoverGuy via YouTube Source: MakeoverGuy via YouTube

It was in 2017 that he opened MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis, an appearance studio with a great view of the historic Mississippi River.

He continues to inspire and change the lives of those he works with.

It seems LeDawn can confirm the quality of his artistry. She was all smiles and genuinely impressed by her new look.

Take two

Of course, they had to have a little fun with it, so they styled her hair with a different look as well. This time they used a lot of product.

She joked in the video on Facebook:

“My daughter says she doesn’t want me coming home looking like a rock star.”

So, they made sure that’s exactly what she looked like. With her hair blown straight up and frozen into place in a ridiculously fun style, she definitely looked ready for the stage and an electric guitar.

Somehow, we think she’ll be sticking with the first makeover result when not singing with the band.

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MakeoverGuy via YouTube Source: MakeoverGuy via YouTube

Staying young

While The Makeover Guy did an amazing job, LeDawn made it easy. She comes from a place near Dallas, which means she sees plenty of sun, and yet her skin is still elastic and smooth, especially for someone in their sixties.

Even in the Texas sun, wearing sunscreen regularly can help to preserve that youthful appearance well into our later years, especially if you are using an SPF of 30 or higher.

Remember, there are many face creams and foundations that come with sunscreen included, so you don’t necessarily have to add an extra step to your morning beauty routine. Just make sure that the type of products you already use also protect you against the sun’s harmful rays.

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Source: MAKEOVERGUY via YouTube