Couples With Taller Men With Shorter Girls Tend To Be Happier

October 4th, 2018

If you stare at the top of your lover’s head or at their neck when you embrace, it’s a good sign.

A sign that you two have a good chance of being happy together.

While couples with one tall partner and one short partner look absolutely adorable side-by-side, research shows that they make the best couples.

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A 2017 study where researchers surveyed 8,000 participants found that short wives with tall husbands are the happiest couples, according to Maxim.

Couples with greater height differences were found to have more successful and longer-lasting relationships.

This mostly related to the wife’s happiness. And you know what they say, “Happy wife, happy life.” The reasoning behind this was very simple.

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“Women simply like tall men,” said Dr. Kitae Sohn, who lead the research team from Konkuk University in South Korea.

According to Positive Outlooks, women’s preference for tall men increased women’s reproductive fitness.

A lot of it has to do with evolution. Men have larger statures than women since they were hunters and protectors while women have taken care of children since prehistoric times.

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So taller men give off an indication that they are strong and dominant and really good at being a protector.

This makes them happy.

And women are happy because they know they and their children will be protected. Though women no longer depend on men for protection this type of living is still hardwired into our brains, a 2013 study by Dutch psychologists found.

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A joint study between the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Michigan also found that women are attracted to taller men since they tend to exude higher self-esteem and confidence.

This may also be a factor in a separate study.

This study found that taller men tend to have higher chances of being rich and becoming financially stable than shorter men. So there’s that being a better provider thing again.

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Studies also that this can be because of the nutrition taller men receive as kids that strengthened their cognitive and people skills.

This gives them an advantage to be more capable, trustworthy, and confident.

Taller men usually end up being CEOs, managers, and team leaders. But height isn’t everything. A man’s tall advantage eventually wears off.

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Research found that height is only a factor in the first 18 years of the relationship.

After that, it doesn’t really affect the outcome of the relationship.

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Source: Positive Outlooks