Little Girl Has Internet In Stitches By Dancing To Her Own Beat
I can't stop laughing at this!
Ashley Fike

There are some people in the world that are rule-followers. They like order and organization. Then there are people who throw rules out the window and do their own thing — like this little girl.

Ballet is known for being a sophisticated, elegant, and poised genre of dance. It takes years of practice to perfect the beautiful art form. Professional ballet dancers often start taking dance lessons when they’re young children.

One little girl’s parents thought ballet would be a perfect way to keep their toddler busy and focused — well, for at least an hour anyway. Learning a disciplined genre of dance like ballet would instill lessons like perseverance and “practice makes perfect.”

During ballet class, the teacher puts on an untraditional hip-hop track so they can plié and pirouette. When the toddler hears this music, however, the beat starts taking her over.

As the lesson begins, the tiny ballerinas are instructed to start rolling and moving their shoulders. At first, the adorable toddler in her pink tutu seems to be following along just fine. She seems to be the youngest in the class, so her coordination isn’t quite perfect yet.

After a couple of shoulder shrugs, the beat starts to kick in on the song. An upbeat, peppy song is something that this little girl just can’t resist. It must be her favorite type of music because she seems to know exactly what to do when that beat drops.

As soon as the beat drops, the rest of the ballerinas stay in order and perform the instructed moves. The toddler can’t help but put her hands on her knees and bust out her own moves.

For a split second, the dancing little girl realizes that she was in her own world and snaps back into reality. She looks around the class and tries to pick up where they are in the routine. With her hands on her hips, she tries her best to focus and perform the ballet moves, but with music this lively and fun — she just can’t.

For a couple of seconds, the adorable toddler bounces around, stomps her little feet, and gets down to the music. Once again, though, she realizes she might be getting a little out of control and pulls it back together for a moment.

The hilarious toddler tries her best to pay attention and do ballet. But hip-hop is clearly her genre of choice! The video below was shared on Facebook and has been viewed over 54 million times. It’s that cute.

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