Back in MY day…

You know how it goes.

The past is always considered a “golden age” by those who lived through it.

Everything was simpler, somehow better. Men were gentlemen and women were ladies (and people will swear that there was nothing in between).

Of course, the truth is that not much has changed about people themselves. And while, sure, things are more complicated in an interconnected world, it’s also safer and slightly more equal…sometimes. Well, at least we have seatbelts.

“The world’s going to hell in a handbasket” some people say – and their parents said it to them, and their parents before them.

But nostalgia is a real phenomenon and no matter how much people try to tear your wonderful memories of the past away from you, you remember those wholesome family Christmases, car trips, beach parties, etc. – and you remember them your way. So will today’s kids, someday.

They shout back “OK, Boomer,” and you brustle. Well, WE say “OK, Boomer, here’s a look at some blasts from the past that you might enjoy.”

Click ahead to see some highlights from the past, in living color: