People Who Had Late-Term Abortions Explain Its Importance

May 21st, 2019

Abortion is never a fun subject. But with what is happening across America, it’s vital to discuss. In recent weeks, US states have been passing legislation that restricts reproductive rights for women. These women explain why abortion is an essential need across the world.

91% of abortions in America occur before 13 weeks of pregnancy.

Almost none of the abortions that take place after this time are due to women “not wanting” a child.

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The people who have late-term abortions are very often doing it for health reasons.

Either the women would have their lives threatened from childbirth or their child would not survive after being born.

Essentially, laws that prohibit late-term abortions put women’s lives at risk and make newborn children suffer through painful, brief existences.

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The women that are highlighting this have harrowing stories.

For example, one of the women was told that her unborn child was developing without a range of vital organs. Had she proceeded to have born the child, it would only survive for a few hours.

And yet, she had to travel to a different state and spend thousands of dollars to prevent this suffering.

She now endures hate online on a daily basis. All due to stopping her child from suffering.

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All that the women who are speaking out are trying to do is humanize themselves and others who are going through their situations.

If pregnancy is life-threatening to a parent or would result in a 100% chance of the child dying shortly after birth, then how can an abortion be anything other than an essential medical procedure?

And yet this life saving, humane procedure is illegal in many states in the US. Even worse, new laws are making abortion harder to access.

It cannot be stressed that the people who are getting these procedures do not want them. If you think that that is the case, then consider Dana Weinstein’s story.

Dana became pregnant for a second time 10 years ago. She had had her first child without complications and was a proud mother.

When she became pregnant for a second time, she started a baby journal and read stories to the unborn child.

But at 29 weeks into the pregnancy, she went in for a scan. They found abnormalities in the child’s brain.

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She had to undergo further scanning. Although this was an urgent issue, the Maryland medical system meant that she couldn’t receive further scans for another two weeks.

When she arrived for the second scan, now at 31 weeks of pregnancy, the doctors had terrible news.

The baby was missing vital parts of its brain.

The missing parts of the brain would mean that Dana’s baby would not be able to suck or swallow. The baby would also have near-constant seizures.

It would die shortly after the umbilical cord was cut.

The baby also had no ability to think or express emotions.

Dana desperately searched for any kind of solution. She asked about stem cells or other life saving medical practices. But nothing could have saved the child.

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Despite discovering that her baby would die shortly after birth and was missing the parts of its brain that made it think like a human, Dana was not offered an abortion.

So she flew to a state where a late stage abortion was legal. In all, the procedure would cost $17,500. But the expense would save her from the trauma of giving birth to a child who was destined to die in the first few hours of its life.

Dana didn’t want to get rid of this baby, but in many ways, she had no other choice.

Every woman who gets a late stage abortion has a story similar to Dana’s. Clearly, this is not some kind of evil act. She was just trying to ease the suffering of her child.

And yet, the cost of this is astronomical, and the procedure is illegal in most states.

Of course, abortion remains a controversial issue. But preventing people from suffering should not be.

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