Bradley Cooper And Lady Gaga Duet Live In Las Vegas

February 14th, 2019

Anyone who has seen A Star Is Born knows that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are a fantastic onscreen couple. But this video shows that there may have been very little acting involved when it came to this!

In 2018, A Star Is Born was a huge success.

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The movie has earned over $400 million in cinemas, received a 90% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes and been nominated for over 200 awards.

Seeing as A Star Is Born has made such an impact, it’s not surprising that all involved want to make the most of it.

Bradley Cooper, who wrote, produced, directed and starred in the movie, and Lady Gaga, who played Ally, the star who was born, are no exceptions.

Lady Gaga performs concerts on a regular basis. At the moment, she’s in residency at Las Vegas, performing a show called Enigma. But a recent Enigma performance featured a surprize relating to A Star is Born that no one expected.

The concert began like any other Lady Gaga concert, with the musician singing her greatest hits for an appreciative crowd.

Then something happened that no one at a Lady Gaga concert has ever seen before.

Bradley Cooper walked onstage, joining his co-star for what would prove to be an incredibly memorable moment.

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Cooper and Gaga hugged. It’s clear that while they may not have the romantic connection of the characters of A Star Is Born, they have a great affection for one another.

It soon became clear that this performance wasn’t something that was planned. Cooper took a while to get set up for the performance. It must have been that Cooper was in town and the two co-stars decided to make something special about it.

Then Cooper started singing possibly the greatest song to be featured in A Star is Born.

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“Tell me something girl.” The opening line to Shallow rang out, and the crowd went wild.

“Are you happy in this modern world?” Cooper kept singing the song to the crowd.

As Cooper performs, it becomes obvious that Cooper isn’t trying to sing Shallow like Jack Maine, his character in A Star Is Born.

Instead of the character’s gruff vocal delivery, Cooper is singing in a higher tenor.

“I’m falling.” Soon the entire crowd had started singing along with Cooper.

Lady Gaga then sat at the piano and started playing out the chords to the song, staring into Cooper’s eyes as she did so.

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“Tell me something boy.” Again, the crowd went crazy at what they were watching and hearing.

The two then sang an amazing rendition of the rest of Shallow. Thanks to Cooper’s delivery and the instruments, it wasn’t exactly like how the song appears in the movie. But that’s part of what made it such a special moment. It was a unique performance.

By the song’s climax, Cooper had sat next to Lady Gaga and put his arm around her waist.

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Gaga then clasps her hand on Cooper’s hand.

It’s clear that the two didn’t have to act too hard in A Star Is Born.

The chemistry present in that moment is obvious.

Anyone who has seen A Star Is Born will know that a sequel isn’t in the works (sorry for the slight spoiler, but who hasn’t seen it by now!?) which is a shame, as Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper clearly love performing together.

But is there a chance that something else could happen here?

After all, the two could always appear in movies unrelated to A Star Is Born or even do A Star Is Born as a stage play.

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Source: Gaga Daily