Cop Lets Kids Use Patrol Car Speakers To Say Goodbye To Navy Father
The family went to the pier to say goodbye to Dad who was leaving on duty with the Navy. That's when an officer showed up and did something special
Kristi Shinfuku

It can be really hard for families that have to be separated for extended periods of time, and for Joshua Buetow and his family, which includes 4-year-old Rileigh and 2-year-old Austin, they knew he would be away until the Summer for a tour with the Navy.

On the day of his departure, his entire family came to the pier to see him off at the harbor in San Diego and wave goodbye. It was there that an incredible police officer named James Weaver decided to help them and let the kids use his patrol car’s P.A. system to get their voices heard by their father.

Youtube Screenshot
Youtube Screenshot

Rileigh got on the microphone and said “goodbye Daddy,” and “we love you” to the moving ship. While her father was unfortunately not able to hear these moments, it was a truly emotional moment for the family as they now wait for their father’s return.

Youtube Screenshot
Youtube Screenshot

There are a lot of sacrifices that come with devoting time to the Navy, and while it’s certainly not an easy time for the family, the love they have for one another is undeniable. The summer can’t come soon enough for them to be reunited!

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[Source: Inside Edition]