‘Karen’ is just a name to many people, but on the Internet, the name stands for much more. A popular meme has Karen as a middle-aged white woman with an asymmetrical bob who always wants to speak to the manager. She’s entitled, ignorant, and even racist.

The meme has become more popular, but its meaning has become confused. Hopefully these stories help.

A redditor called ghostofgenerayburn asked people to share the most ‘Karen’ things they’ve experienced. The post received over 1,500 comments.

Here come the men in black

“When I worked at the Home Depot a Karen told me that she didn’t want any black men to install her flooring. I was in charge of arranging her order and told her that we don’t select which individuals exactly will install her floor and that she’ll get who she gets. She proceeds to have a fit about it, demands white installers, asks to speak to my manager.

I’m so glad she did, because my manager’s name was Dwayne and he was a real big black dude.

Turns out she didn’t want to speak to the manager”