Confucius once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Even without this profound wisdom from the Chinese philosopher, we all know that enjoying your job can make work and life much easier.

The question was asked “Which profession is far more enjoyable than most people realize?” Get ready for some answers you probably haven’t thought of!

Be nice to them

Lunch lady :)
I work at an elementary school and I get to chat with kids while giving them (tbh, really good tasting) and FREE meals. We get to feed the kids that don’t have a lot to eat at home, see the kids grow and learn, be nicer to them than most adults in some of their lives, get recognized outside of school, we don’t have to take our work home with us, we get treated nicely by staff, we get to go to parties for the school staff in the forbidden teacher’s lounge, drink soda in school (something I always wanted)…
We get weekends, holidays, and summer off!
I personally wear cute earrings and bright makeup which thrills the s**t out of them, and the cleanup is pretty simple, and we get to go home after lunch. Not only that but it’s a unionized job with retirement benefits. It’s honestly a great time. I also get all the juice boxes and free school pizza I could ever want hahahaahahaha. – Reddit