Actor Jeffrey Dean Gets Tattoo Of The Puppy He Rescued

April 27th, 2017

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, an actor most famous for his roles in Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Wife, Extant and The Walking Dead, has recently shared a picture of a new tattoo he has gotten on his arm. The tattoo simply says ‘Bisou’. While many may assume that the name Bisou might be from a family member or a lover, Jeffrey actually devoted the tattoo to a pup he saved over twelve years ago.

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JDMorgan, Twitter Source: JDMorgan, Twitter

Jeffrey once found himself in Venice Beach, California and met a couple of kids that were selling puppies in a box. The famous actor asked the kids how much one puppy would cost, and they responded with the price of $300.

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JDMorgan, Twitter Source: JDMorgan, Twitter

At that very moment, the man saw a very small puppy that was laying at the bottom of the box and asked him how much “the one’s that not gonna make it through the day”. Jeffrey offered a $20 bill and the kids accepted.

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Team Frosick, Flickr Source: Team Frosick, Flickr

Jeffrey wanted to care for the little and sick puppy and took her to a veterinary. He didn’t think that she would make it to tomorrow, but the little pup managed to surpass everyone’s expectations.

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Bev Sykes, Flickr Source: Bev Sykes, Flickr

Days passed and the little dog slowly but surely got better. Jeffrey took her home and introduced her to his other pets. His dog Bandit quickly befriended the little pup.

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Bonnie Hunt Show Source: Bonnie Hunt Show

A while ago in 2009, Jeffrey told this heartwarming story to Bonnie Hunt on a talk show. “I bottle fed her for a month, and she used to kiss her way around, which is how she got her name Bisou — it means ‘kiss’ in French.”

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Barkpost Source: Barkpost

Unfortunately, Bisou passed away after twelve happy years with Jeffrey and the rest of his pets. However, Bisou will live on through Jeffrey. The actor himself devoted this tattoo to his beloved pet and will especially remember the good times they’ve had together.

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