Hip-Hop Dance Group Performs To Jabberwocky - It’s Amazing!

January 23rd, 2019

The Jabberwocky poem has inspired many artists. It’s been reinterpreted for music, paintings and film. But this hip-hop dance version is the strangest of them all!

Most of the music played at the World Hip Hop Dance Championships tends to be from a modern musical era.

As hip hop only began in the late seventies, fitting an older song into this competition can be difficult.

Sure, there are often samples from other songs and maybe even reinterpretations of music going back to the ‘50s.

But the Jabbawockeez have gone back much further in history for their dance routine.

As the group’s name suggests, it’s made a song version of the 1871 poem Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll and created an amazing dance routine out of it.

The end result has to be seen to be believed.

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Official HHI/YouTube Source: Official HHI/YouTube

It starts off as a direct reading of The Jabberwocky with eerie music, but then it gets much more interesting.

Modern hip hop dance music starts cutting into the song, and the group starts moving with perfect timing.

The group members, dressed in overalls and white masks, sure do look impressive and weirdly suited to the poem/song.

In fact, the whole thing is filled with stuff that shouldn’t work, but which does.

Later, quotations and samples come from a range of other sources, such as from The Matrix.

This dance routine really does have everything!

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Official HHI/YouTube Source: Official HHI/YouTube

Anyone who thinks that hip hop dancing isn’t a true art form needs to see this video. They’ll be sure to change their mind!

The Jabbawockeez have lots to be proud of with this performance. Based on the reaction of the crowd in the video, everyone present was wowed.

The performance took place in Las Vegas, which is filled with crazy and incredible stuff.

So it’s not like the band was playing in front of an audience that is easily impressed.

Online, the video has been an even bigger hit. Since being uploaded to YouTube, it has managed to gain over 28 million views and 147,000 likes.

On top of this, the video has over 8,000 comments that heap praise on the group:

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Official HHI/YouTube Source: Official HHI/YouTube
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Official HHI/YouTube Source: Official HHI/YouTube
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Official HHI/YouTube Source: Official HHI/YouTube

And since that video’s upload, the Jabbawockeez have gone from strength to strength.

The band has secured a permanent residency in Las Vegas, where they perform at MGM Grand for six days a week.

Jabbawockeez have also performed in the NBA finals and created possibly the hottest record label in Las Vegas. Anyone going to Las Vegas should definitely see the band live!

There’s no doubt that the band is as good live as on video.

What proves this are the good reviews on Vegas.com. The group has over 625 customer reviews, with an aggregated score of 4.5 out of 5.

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Vegas.com Source: Vegas.com

Tickets tend to range from $63 to $99 per person.

Those interested in attending a similar event but wanting to spend less money should look into the World Hip Hop Dance Championships.

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Hip Hop International Source: Hip Hop International

This is the event that the Jabbawockeez were performing at in the YouTube video.

Tickets for this event range from $29.50 to $59.50.

The next USA Hip Hop Dance Championships take place in Phoenix, Arizona from August 2nd to 4th 2019.

The range of performances is sure to offer much more value for money than the Las Vegas show.

Of course, there are opportunities to watch incredible dance events almost everywhere. So people interested in seeing something like this live should keep a lookout in their local media sources.

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