According to the FBI, about 29 percent of the American population has a criminal record. Of course, that can mean a lot of different things. People go to jail for everything from dealing opioids to “mischief,” which kind of just means being a public nuisance or destroying property.

But when you’re hauled in and it’s time to pose for your mugshot, you might not exactly look your best. So, it’s no wonder that when someone takes a good mugshot, it tends to go viral.

Well, let’s not just say a good mugshot. Let’s say an extremely, distractingly attractive mugshot.

Believe it or not, there are entire social media accounts devoted to sharing photos of attractive felons. These people were arrested for all kinds of things from the mild to the embarrassing to the seriously bad, but what unites them is they all look like they could be models.

And guess what? More than one attractive criminal has used their mugshot as a launching pad to a modeling career. Others have seen theirs as a chance to turn their life around. Unfortunately, the internet is forever, so social media still hasn’t stopped sharing these attractive mugshots — even if the subjects have left behind their life of crime.

Here are 50 people the internet agrees have the hottest mugshots.