It’s been a few years since slang evolved to include the word “basic.” If you’re a little behind the times, we’ll help you catch up: “basic” refers to girls, usually Caucasian ones, who follow internet fashions and trends without discernment.

“Basic” girls love leggings and pumpkin spice lattes, duck face selfies, and binging on Netflix shows. Since the term came around, the internet has taken off with jokes about basic girls and their likes and dislikes. Essentially, if you’re basic, you might not be a super interesting person (sorry!).

But the fact remains: we all know plenty of basic girls who flood our social media pages with selfies and statuses with #blessed. Now, comedian Ashley Hesseltine is capitalizing on the trend with an Instagram page called “Bros Being Basic.” Hesseltine recruited all her male friends to recreate some “basic white girl” social media trends, and they delivered.

“The reaction has been nothing but positive,” said Hesseltine. “It almost feels more like paying homage to women instead of mocking them. I’m a female and a feminist, so I’m naturally able to create content that’s not going to be offensive to women, and on top of that, our awesome female followers are able to laugh at themselves and their own “basic” tendencies. Parodies done in the right way are always funny, and the content is relatable to both sexes. And at the end of the day, a lot of the content isn’t even guys mocking girls — it’s them being themselves. Guys can be JUST as basic and thirsty as girls on Insta!”