Husband Sees Wife's Pre-School Photo, Takes A Closer Look And Dies Of Laughter

December 7th, 2017

Some people are meant to be together and they don’t even know it, but the universe will make sure that they end up together. When Evan Ayers spotted an old photo preschool class photo of his wife, Brytin Waterlyn, he immediately realized this.

He was completely smitten with her impish looks.

“My girlfriend is an Imp creature,” he wrote on imgur. “While searching for a rice cooker my GF and I came upon this picture from her preschool. I started busting out laughing because I recognized her instantly. Some say she wasn’t quite human.”

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She had the cutest little face and quirky little smile, but there was something else that captured Evan’s attention.

There was another familiar face in the photo.

“Then I realized something very odd about the picture,” he explains. “Something was a little too familiar. HOLY CRAP THAT WAS ME!”

And the weirdest part about it was that they were sitting right next to each other. The universe has quite the sense of humor. Though the two had grown up several cities apart but were to reconnect more than a decade later and later married after the pictures were posted on imgur, according to InspireMore.

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“We group up a long ways away from each other, a few cities apart at least but it turned out that we somehow had gone to the same preschool,” he says.

Evan was pretty weirded out by the whole coincidence so he did what most people do in that situation… he called his mom.

“I freaked out and called my mom ( what else would you do in a situation like that) and sure enough she confirmed that it was me,” he wrote. “We had both attended this same preschool when we were like 3-years-old. Mildly interesting to say the least.”

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Mildly… that is the understatement of the year. And just like his wife who was the same adorable smile, Evan too still has the same exact smile 16 years later.

People on imgur were taken aback by this story which ended up going viral.

“People say it’s a small world, and normally I don’t believe it; in this case, I’ll make an exception – that’s crazy awesome stuff, OP,” one imgur user said.

“Oh you guys are too cute! Obviously very young though. Be excellent to each other. It seems this may be fate,” said another.

You just can’t make this stuff up… but the universe can!

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Source: InspireMore