This library in Denmark lets your borrow people instead of books
Britanie Leclair

Every person in this world has their own unique experiences and challenges – and just because they aren’t universal, doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

That’s where the Human Library project comes in. It gives us a chance to explore the stories that we might never know about otherwise. It gives us a unique opportunity to look at the world through the eyes of others.

It is done without judgment, and it leads to understanding.

The origins of the Human Library

The Human Library started with the concept of living books. Each person became an open “book” and shared their own experiences in life. They would talk about what life was like in their shoes –

– What it’s like to have ADHD.

– Where they go at night when they’re homeless.

– What it’s like to be a convert, a refugee, a soldier, or someone with bipolar.

The project started with fifty different human books who were highlighted in an event that lasted for four days, going for eight hours each day, as the human books answered questions and held discussions.

Now, the human library has become something that reaches so much further and has had an impact on so many minds.

It’s about learning to appreciate each other as humans.

Seeking answers

The human library gives people a chance to ask questions. It offers a rare option to learn from the perspective of those who are affected by a situation.

It’s no longer about always having an outside perspective. It’s about having a chance to go to the source, without judgment, and simply ask.

Meet some of the human books

…and meet yourself in the process.

When we learn to unjudge others, we can learn to unjudge ourselves.

One of the authors of the Human Library put it this way:

“The journey of self-acceptance and self-love can be long and difficult, but it is also the most rewarding one. Learning to unjudge yourself gives you incredible power, and it opens your eyes to a whole new world.”

Acceptance begins with ourselves.

Inside the pages

The human books defy stereotypes by showing that they are more than just a condition, or a lifestyle, or an experience that the world defines them as.

One human book discusses how much he seeks to have strong relationships despite the obstacle of autism and the difficulties that it creates in making those deep and lasting connections. He remains hopeful and keeps seeking a way.

Would you be willing to become a human book and share your own story? Do you think you could share yourself so openly?

Would you like to learn more about the people who took the plunge and have been published in the Human Library?

Check out the video below and start unjudging with the human books.

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