Police Officer Helps Homeless Man Land Job
That day when the homeless man approached a cop with a question he never anticipated it’d be one of the best things he could have done.
Marilyn Caylor

If only it were only as easy as, “Why don’t you just go get a job?”

Trying to find a job while you’re living on the streets is a lot harder than it sounds!

Think about it. If you’re homeless, you don’t get to take regular showers, the clothes you’re wearing are the same ones you’ve been wearing all week (or month), and there doesn’t seem like there’s any point in keeping up appearances when people are afraid to look you in the eye.

Facebook/Tony Carlson
Facebook/Tony Carlson

Not all homeless people want to panhandle on street corners for the rest of their lives. In fact, some of them, like Phil, who was found living under a flyover in Tallahassee, Florida, actively hunt for work anywhere they can find it!

Phil wanted nothing more than to support himself and have a real roof over his head, but without having a place to freshen up and look decent, the odds of landing a job interview just weren’t in his favor.

Still, that didn’t deter him from trying! He decided to speak to the manager of a nearby McDonald’s, where two other homeless people were hired, and was told that if he came back with a clean-shaved face he’d be given the opportunity to interview for a job.

Facebook/City of Tallahassee Police Department
Facebook/City of Tallahassee Police Department

Raphael Vasquez, who owned the McDonald’s in question, spoke to TODAY to further explain the situation:

“He seemed excited about [the job]…if he’s wanting to help himself, I need to be helpful and try to help him out the best I can. He was excited that there was a chance that he was gonna get a job if he just did this simple thing of trying to clean up.”

Unfortunately, there was one slight problem. Phil’s scruffy facial fuzz needed to be gone, and the second-hand electric razor that he saved up all his money to purchase was broken.

Instead of throwing in the towel, Phil turned to a local policeman for some help. He asked Officer Tony Carlson of the Tallahassee Police Department if he knew how to fix an old razor.

The officer opened up the razor and kindly fixed a loose screw, but then he did a whole lot more for the determined homeless man.

Facebook/City of Tallahassee Police Department
Facebook/City of Tallahassee Police Department

In a video filmed by Rachelle Denmark, who is the police department’s public information officer, the kindhearted cop is caught taking matters into his own hands.

He could see that Phil was struggling to shave his thick beard without a mirror. So, right there in the parking lot of a convenience store that was located next door to McDonald’s, Officer Carlson gave Phil the best shave of his life!

Facebook/City of Tallahassee Police Department
Facebook/City of Tallahassee Police Department

The beautiful gesture had social media feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, but, what happened to Phil after that? Did he get the job? Is he waking up to the smell of Egg McMuffins every morning? Is his face still as smooth as a baby’s bum?

In an update on his Facebook page, Officer Carlson had some good news to pass along!

One evening after a dinner outing with his family, the officer spotted Phil and a friend hanging out underneath a flyover. So, he brought Phil a couple of burgers from McDonald’s (of course) and asked how he was holding up.

Ok so everybody has been wanting an update on Phil, so here it is: This evening I was going to dinner with the family…

Posted by Tony Carlson onTuesday, July 24, 2018

“He then told me he had talked to the manager a McD’s and he was set to get a job but he still needed to get him ID/SS card. I then told Phil I had good news about that and told him I had been contacted by Senator Marco Rubio’s office here in town. They stated they had also seen the story and wanted to help Phil get his ID and Social Security card.”

Everyone fell in love with the story of the barbershop cop and the homeless man, and soon the gift cards were pouring into the police station to help Phil land back on his feet!

#UPDATE We talked to Phil today! He’s doing great & enjoying his new job at McDonald's. We received some gift cards for…

Posted by City of Tallahassee Police Department onWednesday, August 1, 2018

Of course, the best news is that yes, Phil did indeed get the job! He’s now proudly working as a janitor and is so grateful for everyone who has helped him along the way.

The latest update from the Tallahassee PD said they couldn’t be more proud of him!

“#GoodNews Phillip aka “Phil” started his new job today at McDonald’s! We couldn’t be more proud! The way #Tallahassee has come together to help has been amazing to say the least. We were all reminded this week how a little #kindness can go a long way. #TeamPhil #KindnessChallenge”

#GoodNews Phillip aka “Phil” started his new job today at McDonald's! We couldn’t be more proud! The way #Tallahassee…

Posted by City of Tallahassee Police Department onFriday, July 27, 2018

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