Home Depot Manager Helps Pick Boy With Special Needs' Costume - Mom's Jaw Drops At The RegisterHome Depot Manager Helps Pick Boy With Special Needs' Costume - Mom's In Tears At The Register

November 1st, 2017

Every now and again, people go above and beyond the duties of their jobs or roles to help someone in need. One Home Depot manager’s act of kindness was so touching it’s gaining national attention.

Aimee Boyle Mcilroy recently brought her son into Home Depot to do some shopping for a Halloween costume. Aimee’s son is in a wheelchair and had decided to turn it into a police car to celebrate the spooky holiday. What ended up happening touched Aimee’s heart so profoundly she shared with the Love What Matters Facebook page.

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Aimee Boyle Mcilroy via Facebook Source: Aimee Boyle Mcilroy via Facebook

Aimee called the Home Depot in advance and spoke with the manager named Valerie. Valerie agreed to hold a refrigerator box for Aimee that would be used for her son’s costume. Aimee was immediately impressed when Valerie got down on the floor to help cut the box down for her.

“She had beautiful nails, and I told her that they weren’t meant for a box cutter, and she said that her vest meant that she was made for whatever I needed!”

They loaded the box into the car and went back start brainstorming about other ideas for the costume. Valerie walked with Aimee and her son around the entire store to help them find everything the needed to create the perfect police car costume.

The awesome Home Depot manager helped the family wrap up with everything they needed and then walked them to the checkout line. This was the moment when Aimee’s jaw dropped to the floor because of Valerie’s incredible kindness and generosity.

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Love What Matters via Facebook Source: Love What Matters via Facebook

After reaching the checkout line, The kind Home Depot manager paid for the entire bill herself. Aimee tried to refuse, but Valerie insisted.

“I tried to refuse, but she just said that it would bless her greatly. My son may not have understood anything other than she was kind and patient with him, but this special needs mama really, really appreciated this huge act of kindness. The biggest blessing for me was the way she treated my son and the way he responded to her.”

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Love What Matters via Facebook Source: Love What Matters via Facebook

Because of Valerie’s compassionate actions, Home Depot offered to bring their Saturday kit workshops to Aimee’s son’s school. Aimee says that there are two special needs classrooms and they’ll bring enough kits to both classrooms.

Valerie explained that she had wanted to get more special needs kids involved in their workshops, but Aimee explained why it was so difficult for them to participate. That’s when Valerie extended yet another helping hand, ‘Well, then we’ll just bring the workshop to you!’ she told Aimee.

Aimee’s story about Valerie’s extraordinary acts of kindness has touched thousands of hearts across the nation. The full post is below.

"I’d like to send a huge shout out to Valerie, a manager at Home Depot. I came in tonight to pick up a refrigerator box…

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Source: Love What Matters via Facebook