The “golden age of cinema” is often associated with Hollywood’s glamorous stars, but it was also a time of scandalous relationships and audacious behavior among female movie stars.

Some, like Vivien Leigh and Elizabeth Taylor, were involved in affairs that harmed innocent parties, while others, like Jayne Mansfield, Lupe Vélez, and Louise Brooks, pushed boundaries in their own ways, either keeping admirers on tenterhooks or deliberately courting scandal to make a point about gossip and societal norms.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor, renowned for her exceptional beauty and acting prowess, was also famous for her reputation as one of Hollywood’s most notorious seductresses.

Her most scandalous episode occurred when she became involved with singer Eddie Fisher, who was married to her close friend Debbie Reynolds at the time.

and Fisher eventually married but later divorced. In a display of reconciliation, Taylor offered an apology to Reynolds, and the two rekindled their friendship.

Throughout her life, Taylor had a total of seven marriages, including two to the love of her life, actor Richard Burton. After her divorce from her last husband, construction worker Larry Fortensky, in 1996, she opted to remain single until her passing in 2011.