Student athlete helps frightened elementary school girl

September 10th, 2019

Some young athletes are so wrapped up in their sports that they don’t have much time to focus on anything beyond this.

Ke’Shoun Williams, however, does not fall into this category.

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Back to School Jitters

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For some little ones who are attending school for the first time, or are just returning after the summer it can make them a little nervous.

Some kids adjust well to their first week of school. Others have a hard time and it takes them a while to settle in again.

Helping Hands

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For the teachers and parents that first week back at school can be a little hectic as well.

Student athletes from the Batesburg-Leesvile High School stop by on Friday mornings to help out at the Batesburg-Leesville elementary school. Ke’Shoun is one of the young athletes that participate in this and helps with the student lines as well as assisting the younger children out of the cars.

A Little Distress

On one of these visits Ke’Shoun noticed that one youngster seemed particularly upset. She was stood at the entrance of the school crying.

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Taking His Task Seriously

Ke’Shoun as a High School athlete was there to help the kids as well as the parents and teachers.

He took this task seriously and took the little girl by the hand so he could walk her to her classroom.

Quite A Sight

Seeing this well young athlete walking down the school corridor hold the hand on a tiny little student was an impressive site.

Words With Meaning

The hallway entrance had some important words placed above it.

Just above the hallway entrance where Ke’Shoun and the little girl were about to enter there were these words…. Play Nice….Work Hard….Stay Kind. These were most fitting for what was taking place.

A Special Year

These words have special meeting for the district this year as they will be celebrating the 100th graduating class.

This act of kindness that this young athlete displayed fits in with the school’s concepts and they took a picture of the young athlete and the little one and posted it on their facebook page. As a result it drew a lot of attention.

The Day Gets Better for Ke”Shoun

There is an old saying “What goes around comes around”

Meaning that if you do something good for someone then something good will happen for you and vice versa. This is a saying that fit in well with the rest of Ke’Shoun’s day.

First Game of the Season

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Ke’Shoun went about the rest of his day which included the first football game of the season against Ridge Spring Monetta.

An Impressive Game

On the first play of the game Ke’Shoun threw a touchdown pass

Ke’Shoun Makes School History

As the game progressed he caught a touchdown reception at 97 yards. This was a first for the school. Ke’Shoun led his team to a victorious win of 21-0.

A Prime Example Of How One Person Can Make A Difference

By Ke’Shoun being the person that he is he touched a lot of people that day

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Namely, he comforted a frightened youngster, made the elementary school proud of his actions, a lot of kids were provided with an excellent example, he made history for his school and he supported his teammates with great gameplay. What an amazing day and young man!

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