HBO didn't nominate her for an Emmy so she nominated herself
HBO didn't nominate 'Brienne" from Game of Thromes for an Emmy, so she nominated herself, and the internet is here for it
Haley Bean

The list of nominees for the 2019 Emmy’s recently surfaced and there are so many great actors and TV shows nominated for the prestigious award. Records are being set by the amount of shows nominated from streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and HBO, and the competition is tough.


One show that is setting records just in terms of nominations is the binge worthy series Game of Thrones, with 32 nominations in various categories. As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, the show is immensely popular and has been gaining popularity ever since it first aired in 2011. The die hard fans of this show have fallen in love, cheered for, and had their hearts broken by their favorite characters. One of those characters is Brienne of Tarth, played by Gwendoline Christie. Though some fans were disappointed with the final season, Christie’s character is one that fans loved until the end.


Though fans know how talented and impressive Christie was in Game of Thrones, HBO must have forgot, because when it came time to send in nominations for best supporting actress, they skipped Christie. Luckily, Christie was confident and knew her self worth well enough to go ahead and nominate herself for the award. Now even though actors and actresses have done this in the past, it’s rare that they actually secure the nomination like Christie did. Christie took to instagram to celebrate and spread the word of her nomination by posting a photo of the email she received. The post gained tons of likes and earned her even more ‘congratulations!’ and ‘well deserved’ comments. But just like anything that is posted on the internet, there were plenty of memes to follow once fans found out that HBO dropped the ball in nominating her.

Fans reactions ranged from celebrating Christie’s confidence to shaming HBO for not recognizing talent, and of course, memes.

She is joined in the best supporting actress category alongside her fellow Game of Thrones cast mates including Lena Headey (who plays Cersei Lannister), Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark), and Maisie Williams (Arya Stark). Not only that, but Christie wasn’t the only actor from the show that submitted her own nomination. Alfie Allen and Carice van Houten also submitted their own, and secured nominations on the award show in the best supporting actor and best guest actress categories.

This is just evidence as to why Game of Thrones is such a hit among audiences. The amount of talent that this show has just in terms of cast is incredible, and it’s clear that HBO wasn’t even aware of how good they had it. It will be interesting to watch the Emmy’s to see how the show fares against its competitors, but with 32 nominations, the series is sure to have a good night.

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