This Is What Happens to Your Body During an Alcohol Cleanse

May 20th, 2019

It is not a secret that humans love to drink… According to statistics, a regular person with an average income consumes about 9.5 liters of alcohol a year.

To reiterate, this person is not addicted to alcohol. This is the type of person that likes to drink socially — with their friends and for special occasions. Or maybe they like to enjoy a glass of wine after a long, hard day at work. Or maybe it’s just a little nightcap before bed on Sunday.

So, after having some more context about the type of person we’re talking about — what do we think would happen to their body if they cut alcohol completely out of their lives for 28 days?

There were several volunteers who were interested in seeing the change in their bodies after no alcohol for just four weeks, if any. And we were interested to see how this little experiment went.

For people who were more impatient, there were some pretty big changes.

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Week 1


One thing participants noticed was how much hungrier they were while drinking. It’s no secret that alcohol flips the brain into hungry mode.

When they stop drinking, they want to naturally keep their hands busy — and they usually do that with food. So it’s best to get yourself another, non-alcoholic beverage like juice, seltzer, or tea.

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Alcohol can increase your craving for sweets. Alcohol, especially when it’s sweet, can raise your blood sugar levels, which in turn can strengthen your sweet tooth. It’s all one big vicious cycle!

Some people, however, experience different reactions, like decreased sugar levels. Which is actually a bit dangerous for those with diabetes.

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Falling asleep can initially be difficult for people who quit drinking if they are accustomed to a glass before bed.

While alcohol makes you fall asleep faster, it decreases your quality of sleep, making it hard for people to get a really solid night of sleep after drinking. Some people also have nightmares.

Some may also experience headaches, which is a sign that their body is detoxing the alcohol in their body.

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Week 2


By this point, the liver can begin to recover. When you drink regularly, liver cells die and then appear as scars. The organ can recover, but it is a very slow process. The less you drink, the less recovery time it takes.

Changes in your skin color can begin to appear. Alcohol disrupts blood circulation which doesn’t allow for your body to get enough oxygen, which can dry out your skin, which ultimately leads to change in skin color.

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Digestion starts to improve, as alcohol increases the production of gastric acid. This basically means that the stomach is eating itself slowly — hence why people feel hungrier when they drink.

Social life

People also noticed that by week 2, it becomes very hard to turn down social invites from friends. It can sometimes feel like an easy decision initially, but then requires a lot of willpower halfway.

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Week 3

Obvious signs

This is where the physical changes become a little more clear. Facial swelling and dark eye circles dissipate. Waking up in the morning also becomes much easier.

Your tooth enamel becomes stronger and your risk for cavities goes down. Alcohol is known for killing pain — and it also kills taste receptors and sense of smell. These are things you gain back after cutting it out.

Week 4

If the person has extra weight to lose, they will most likely lose some of that. Depending on the person, it can range from 6-8 pounds per month.

The person’s risk of developing hypertension decreases, as alcohol consumption increases blood pressure.

The skin becomes much clearer, and overall people tend to have a clearer mind and their ability to work strengthens.

So… is this enough to convince you to try going alcohol-free for a month?! The benefits seem pretty great!

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