Soccer Parents Accidentally Include Random Woman In Group Text - Things Are Quick To Escalate
This woman got the best of the soccer parents who accidentally included her in their group chat. Some may say she was out of line - what do you think?
Ryan Aliapoulios

Group texts are a necessary evil of modern life.

To make things easier, it sometimes makes sense to have a bunch of people in a group text together. Still, the chances are you don’t want to talk to most of them and the group is just there to serve a more pragmatic purpose. More unusual, however, is when you get roped into a group chat that you don’t actually belong in.

That’s what happened to one woman named Christi Lally.

Lally was minding her own business when her phone went off.

As she looked at it, she saw she was in a group chat with 10 other people. The first text in the group did a good job of explaining the entire situation:

As everyone else replied, Lally decided she would have a little bit of fun of her own. She started with a bit of a jab at the rest of the soccer moms:

“My kid is the best on the team… just sayin.”

After that, it didn’t take long for things to escalate.

Over the course of many messages, the other moms took the bait and immediately chimed in. One fought back asking why he wasn’t playing for a better team if he was so great, another said that it was more about time on the field rather than talent or professional goals. After that, Lally drove her point home even harder:

The exchanges got more and more tense throughout the conversation.

At the peak, one of the women in the group ranted against Lally, attacking her for being ungrateful and for arrogantly putting her own kid above all the other kids on the team:

Ultimately, we have to give kudos to the mom for saying what the entire group was thinking! The funniest thing about all this is that the coach was sitting silent in the group chat the entire time!

Lally shared the entire exchange on her Facebook page where it was shared more than 17,000 times.

Although the exchange may seem mean, it’s pretty clear that Lally’s jabs were all in good fun. No word on what happened at that actual meeting but we’re guessing everyone finally figured out that it was all a prank!

We have to salute Lally for bringing some subversion to the situation—after all, nobody likes group chats. She even left one last remnant of the prank on her Facebook:


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