Groom’s “first look” doesn’t go according to plan
Things took a turn really fast.
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When it comes to weddings there are very few people that will tell you they don’t enjoy attending them.

Man and woman tying the knot, exchanging vows for the proverbial happily ever after.

The many preparations needed is something family and friends look forward to as well.

The theme, the colors, the music, the food, and photos!

Lots of them!

Different nations, varying cultures, and religious beliefs all have their own ways of preparing for and celebrating weddings.

One thing that stands out, and probably the most common, would be tradition.

This includes photoshoots for both parties.


Who doesn’t love photoshoots?

Everyone is dressed up and looking fabulous and weddings are a few in one’s lifetime so might as well immortalize the moment, right?

See, men love to have their moments during weddings.

The groom is about to spend the rest of his life with the woman of his dreams so allow him to bathe in his glory.

Let him feel like the king of the world for a few moments in his suit.

Allow him to bask in his most handsome mood.

Just like this groom here.

He looks great too.

Blue suit, glasses, with the perfect background for his pictures.

You can tell he’s feeling it too, just going along with the photographer’s instructions and having his “James Bond” moment.

He’s not shaken at all.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Now for the “first look,” that moment when a bride and groom are allowed to have a moment with each other away from the eyes of family and friends.


So he carries on with his photo session and in the back is a person in a lovely wedding dress getting ready to approach him.

Something’s up… the bride looks… heavier than usual.

And is that a beard??

Oh boy.

The groom removes his glasses first.

He wants to see his soon-to-be wife with his own eyes.

The anticipation builds and he can’t wait to lay his eyes on his future queen.

She must be stunning!

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

The camera goes on taking pictures of the groom and it’s apparent now that the “first look” is a prank.

The groom’s very own best friend wants one last laugh at and from his buddy before he sends him off to the altar.

He looks… Yeah never mind.

“Am I supposed to turn around? Am I supposed to turn around yet?”

He asks, and the female photographer says yes.

And so he does.

Surprise, buddy!

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

And for the remaining 48 seconds, it’s an explosion of laughter from these two men.

These two are very obviously close.

They may share different mothers but the brotherhood is undeniable.

That’s a real bond.

The laughing is hilarious!

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

They have over 1.6 million views and 17k likes with comments ranging from sweet sentiments to amusement and delight.

“I bet the groom is not over the laughter even at the honeymoon. This must be giving him funny thoughts even at the time of being serious.”


“They laughed like little boys which show how genuine their friendship is”

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

We heartily agree with both comments.

The groom and his best man are trying so hard not to fall on the grass and roll around in laughter.

They exchange a few words, that is until the best man starts fixing his “bra” and the groom explodes into laughter again.

This is a moment truly immortalized in their minds.

And ours.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Watch the “first look” for yourself in the video below. We are still laughing about it!

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