When it comes to the best NFL quarterbacks to ever play the game, several names immediately come to mind. Joe Montana, known for his clutch performances and ability to win Super Bowls, is often regarded as one of the greatest.

While there are numerous exceptional quarterbacks, this particular list showcases the crème de la crème, featuring the absolute best of the best.

Let’s acquaint ourselves with a few of the all-time greatest NFL quarterbacks to have graced the sport.

20. Kurt Warner

Kurt Warner, a quarterback who achieved great success, had a notable Super Bowl record with one championship win and one loss. In addition to his Super Bowl triumph, he earned the prestigious title of Super Bowl MVP.

Warner’s career was not without its challenges as he faced instances where injuries, team decisions, and the emergence of young talents affected his opportunities.

The Rams, Giants, and Cardinals made quarterback changes that prevented Warner from fully capitalizing on his prime years.