Across the history of American football, a select few quarterbacks have reached legendary status. Icons like Joe Montana, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning have not only showcased exceptional skill and leadership but have also left an enduring legacy with their Super Bowl successes, record-breaking performances, and unmatched talents, solidifying their places as the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

# 25 Norm Van Brocklin

Starting part-time for one of the NFL’s most formidable offenses in 1950, Norm Van Brocklin achieved a remarkable feat the following year, setting a passing record of 554 yards in a single game that still stands today. After being traded from the Rams to the Eagles in 1958, Van Brocklin further solidified his legacy, earning first-team All-Pro honors, MVP accolades, and leading his team to victory against the Lombardi Packers in the 1960 title game before retiring.