Grandma Creates Pool Cleaning Hack That Goes Viral
If you have a pool, this is a life-saver!
Kim Deisher

Summer is a wonderful time of year to be outside and enjoy the warm weather. All through the long, cold winter, it’s always nice to know you can count on shorts, sandals, BBQ’s, swimming and so much more is just around the corner. Summer is especially great for those who own a swimming pool.

There’s nothing better than on a really hot day running and jumping into a nice cool refreshing pool. As a kid, we used to love to play games like Marco Polo or use our swim noodles and basically spend the whole day in the pool. It truly was the best part of summer being with all our friends enjoying the outdoors.

For adults, a swimming pool can also be a source of extra work and stress throughout the summer season.

We all have seen pools that have a neon green tint or is covered top to bottom in leaves and bugs. This does not make for the most appealing swimming environment and usually means it’s time to address the sweaty task of cleaning the pool and completing general maintenance.

Luckily thanks to some very clever people who shared some very cool pool cleaning tricks, we are here to help.

What many pool owners out there may not know is there are some very neat shortcuts that can help you take less time to clean and more time to enjoy. And most of these tricks can be found at your local grocery store. You won’t believe how easily some of these things can help keep your pool sparkling for the whole summer.

1. Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser Does More Than Clean Your House

You may have used one of these little sponges on a bathtub, bathroom or kitchen. If you have, you know how amazing they work at removing pretty much every kind of dirt and scum out there. There’s a good reason they are called “Magic Erasers” and the surprise is they not only work in the house but in your pool as well. Put one of these little guys in your pool’s skimmer bucket and watch the magic happen.

Lisa Pack said she spends 45 mins a week every year scrubbing and constantly cleaning her pool but it always remained cloudy or green for some reason. Once her daughter shared this little trick with her, her pool life changed forever. As you can see above the eraser really is magic and now keeps her pool blue and clear. If you don’t want to spend the brand name money you can also buy Melamine Foam in bulk HERE to save on cost.

Now Whenever Lisa’s pool starts to get cloudy, she drops in an eraser and her work is done!

2. Pantyhose Are Not Just For The Office Anymore

Believe it or not, that pair of pantyhose you see in the drugstore or the pair being tossed because they have a run can be reused in a surprising way. While pool skimmers are great for gathering leaves, larger bugs and other assorted debris they can sometimes miss the finer material floating in the pool.

Queue those basic everyday pantyhose. Wrap and tie them around the skimmer and get a second layer of cleaning power to help stop fine debris and dirt from getting to your filter. Replace them when they begin to get slimy and you’re good to go!

3. A Little Helping Sand

For those of you out there who have a sand filter on your pool that can be an even tougher job to be sure you’re getting even the tiniest junk cleaned out. One little trick for that is to add a scoop of Diatomaceous Earth (DE), which is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock that is very soft and can be crumbled easily into a power.

The beauty of using this product is it will help the sand in your filter form clumps and basically an even stronger barrier to stop debris from getting through. You can buy DE HERE.

4. Time For Tennis… In Your Pool

Part of enjoying the summer and a daily swim in the sun is wearing sunscreen. This, however, can leave a messy oily residue in your pool you may not even be aware of. Not only can this cloud your water it also can be an attractor for insects to come to test the waters.

A quick and easy fix for this is to toss a tennis ball or two into your pool and let it do all the work. The fuzz on the ball will soak up the oily film while it floats and for a bonus will naturally attract any dog or pet hair that may have found it’s way to your pool.

5. Insects Not Invited

There’s nothing worse than swimming happily around the pool only to run into a stray bee, wasp or insect that has found its way into the water. No one wants to be accidentally stung or have something stuck in their hair while trying to enjoy a relaxing swim. It also can be troublesome to put out torches or gobs of citronella candles to keep the pests at bay.

A quick fix for this is to put dryer sheets in all the filter baskets around the pool. Bugs hate the scent of dryer sheets and it will act like a whole pool full of repellant. Another alternative is to buy geraniums or lemongrass plants to place around your pool deck which not only will help with bugs but look nice as well.

Hopefully, these handy tricks will make your pool time a little more leisurely and please be sure to SHARE this with your friends and family!

6. Stains Are Not Good Anywhere

Most pool owners know that one very common problem that can occur are stains. Stains caused by bacteria or scum built up over time, rust stains, along with lime and metal marks. What a lot of people don’t know is most of these stains can be remedied by things you can find right in your home.

Vinegar can be used to fight tough calcium build up and lime juice can actually remove rust and metal stains you might find near ladders or other components. Probably the best and most surprising of all is that instead of buying expensive alkalinity products to keep pool tiles clean, you can go to your pantry and pull out the baking soda. It does the same amount of cleaning but for a much lesser cost.

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