Judges Call Grace Vanderwaal The Next Taylor Swift On America's Got Talent
Patricia Lynn

Most vocal contestants on America’s Got Talent typically perform a cover of a well-known song for the audition portion of the show. It’s a make-or-break moment for many, so the risks run way too high to do anything too original. It might not stick in the audience’s mind or impress the judges. Grace Vanderwaal broke the mold with her performance. “This is a show about surprises,” said judge Howie Mandel, and what a surprise it was when she began to sing.

12-year-old Vanderwaal walked up on stage with her banana-yellow pants and her ukelele in her arms. She was soft-spoken and sounded a little nervous explaining that “most of her friends don’t even know” that she sings. Then she performed her original song “I Don’t Know My Name,” an apt tune considering that before this, no one in the entertainment industry had any clue who this girl is. They certainly were changing their tune, and the judges were singing her praises. “I think the world is gonna know your name,” Mandel said before he gave her the golden buzzer, sending her on her way through the competition. Presenter Nick Cannon congratulated the newest contestant, telling her that Simon Cowell predicted that she would be the next Taylor Swift. Only time will tell but in the meantime, get in on the ground floor of the new T-Swizzle’s fanclub and watch the video below.

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[Source: America’s Got Talent]

By Patricia Lynn
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