Woman Invents New Hairstyle

February 2nd, 2018

For women, hair is always a problem that never seems to have a consistent solution. While most of us have haircuts and styles that we can always resort to, there are going to be moments and times when you just want to switch it up.

An easy way to change your hairstyle without doing much is to create a faux waterfall headband. This is a great way to hold hairstyles together, and it can keep long hair out of your face for any length of time!

To do this, first, partition your hair into two sections. You want to create a side part by combing the hair starting from the end of one eyebrow. If this is hard to visualize now, then I encourage you to watch the video.

Watch the rest of the video to see the subsequent steps. It’s really amazing to see what you can accomplish using a small hair elastic and a bobby pin!

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[Source: Cute Girls Hairstyles]