Army Sergeant Killed In Action Leaves Behind Pregnant Wife And Two Kids, But They Aren't Alone

November 10th, 2017

With huge advances in technology happening every day, humans are able to come together like never before. When this mother found herself in an impossible situation, her fellow Americans proved that there is still hope for humanity. You will never guess what they did to show this woman support.

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Myeshia Johnson Source: Myeshia Johnson

La David T. Johnson was a sergeant in the United States Army who came from Miami Gardens, Florida. He fought bravely and lost his life while serving our country. Sgt. Johnson had been dispatched to Niger where he provided training and security assistance to the Nigerians Armed Forces. As Myeshia Johnson, the sergeant’s widowed wife explains on her GoFundMe page, “the region [was] overwhelmed by Boko Haram.”

Sergeant Johnson left behind two young children – age two and six – and Myeshia was pregnant with their third. She had no clue how to get through this tragedy, let alone support her three kids. This woman needed help, so she looked to her community.

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Miami Herald Source: Miami Herald

Myeshia started the Sgt. La David T. Johnson Scholarship fundraiser on GoFundMe. The 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project established the scholarship “to benefit [her husband’s] children by providing money towards their college education.” Myeshia asked visitors to the site “to donate to this worthy cause,” hoping for the best.

The results were astounding! The page’s original goal was to raise $100,000. But when Myeshia checked the website the next morning, she could not believe her eyes. She was shocked to discover that the page had raised $200,000 overnight.

Myeshia was grateful to have so many supportive, compassionate people in her community. With this money, the resourceful mother could afford to send her children to college.

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People Source: People

The motivated mother now has a new goal: she wants to reach one million dollars. With this money, Myeshia will be able to raise, feed, and clothe all three of her children while ensuring that they have access to quality educations.

It is heartwarming to see so many people come together to help a family in need. If you would like to support Myeshia and her three beautiful children, you can visit the GoFundMe page.

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Source: True Blue Media