Anesthesia Gives Patient Courage To Talk To Cute Nurse - He's In Stitches When She Plans Wedding
This is too adorable!
Ana Luisa Suarez

We’ve all said something we completely regret later, right?

Whether we’ve have had a few too many glasses of wine at a party, or maybe we were coming right off of anesthesia after a procedure. One girl happened to have experienced the latter and the results were pretty amazing. Thank god someone was able to film this!

This girl proposed to her nurse when she was completely out of it after having surgery on her broken arm.


The unnamed girl in the video had just come off surgery, which meant she was still a bit loopy from her anesthesia when she realized she had a hot nurse.

The patient was emboldened by her loopiness and immediately professed her love for Nurse Luke. She was pretty insistent that they were going to get married, in fact.

Patient: “I love you so much.”
Nurse Luke: “Well, thank you.”
Patient: “You should love me too!”

Luke was a good sport and told her that she was going to have fun watching the video later, once she’d recovered a bit from the medication. He even could sense that the video might go viral!

Sure enough, since it was posted in 2016, the video has been viewed more than 5.4 million times and it has well over 9,000 comments on YouTube.


“We’d be the cutest couple ever… Luke I love you, you’re the cutest little guy around,” she says.

The video was shared on the popular site Reddit, where nurse Luke came forward to answer any questions people might have about the video.

He was happy to talk about the hilarious encounter with the loopy patient after her surgery.

“Honestly, it’s basically an everyday thing. I’ve just never had someone film before. I had to go through a lot of channels to make sure that it was appropriate because the patient posted it all over social media. then it was forgotten about because it happened months and months ago. then someone I haven’t spoken to in years messaged me with a link! lol. It’s all over, youtube, ellentube and now apparently reddit. life is weird. the internet is weird. weird is good,” Luke wrote on Reddit.


Of the thousands and thousands of comments about the viral video, everyone was calling for a follow-up video of them as a couple. People want them to actually get married!

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