The World Can Learn A Lot From Them From These Two 6-Year-Old Friends For One Touching Reason
The world can learn a lot from these two best friends. The reason why is going viral.
Arianna Etemadieh

When it comes to children interacting with other children that have special needs, you never know what’s going to happen. Some children are so pure that they are oblivious to the special needs child being “different.” Others are more acutely aware and have varying responses to it.

Regardless, for the parents of the child with special needs, there is still a mild concern in the back of their minds of whether their beloved child will be accepted by his peers.

But for one mother of a precious boy with Down Syndrome, she doesn’t have to worry too much. Her adorable 6-year-old son named Noah already has a cherished friend.

And for Noah’s mom, “There are not enough words to describe how this little girl has been a blessing to our family.”

Truer words have never been spoken considering how kindhearted and sweet his little girl is.

According to Noah’s mom, on the third day of school, this blonde little girl declared that Noah is her best friend “that’s a boy.” She already made this decision, even before Noah’s mother had the chance to come to the class and talk about her son.

Not only is she a wonderful friend, but she is a great helper and motivator for Noah. She can encourage him to “do anything (in a good way)”. She also lets him win if they ever race against each other, and she will play with him just as she would with anyone else.

And instead of being confused or frustrated that she can’t always understand Noah, she is eager to eventually learn everything he has to say. In the mean time, she can determine what Noah is trying to say almost as well as his mom can.

The little girl’s parents are in full support of the two’s friendship. They think it is wonderful and want to make sure that she doesn’t help too much so Noah can learn on his own too.

One afternoon, Noah’s mother invited this sweet little girl to join them at the movies and then eat Chick-fil-A afterwards.

As soon as Noah heard what they were doing, he wanted to “get handsome” for his pretty friend. And as you can see in the photo below, the little girl had the same mindset of getting dolled up for her cool friend.

The two “had a blast” hanging out for the afternoon and the evening, and Noah’s mother felt blessed to see their friendship in action.

As she puts it, “The world can learn a lot from these two 6 year olds.”

This little girl is certainly an inspiration to follow.

From Noah’s mom, “There are not enough words to describe how this little girl has been a blessing to our family. She is…

Posted by Noah's Dad – Down Syndrome Awareness onSunday, August 6, 2017

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