Man Rolls 2,000-Pound Bath Bomb Into Pool

October 9th, 2018

This past year, bath bombs became the newest beauty trend.

Soap and cosmetic companies have been going above and beyond to create unique, effervescent bombs that have consumers rushing back for more.

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Bath bombs are powder concoctions that are pressed into various shapes. When dropped in water, the shapes fizz and effervesce, with many releasing swirls of color, glitter, and fragrance as they break down.

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“This dissolving process has left the most reserved of adults enthralled, prompting them to take pictures of their bath bomb water and share them on social media,” reports Urban Agenda Magazine.

And indeed, an Instagram search of the hashtag #bathart reveals countless photos of bath bombs in action.

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I have to admit, it’s hard not to be mesmerized. Check out Twilight, one of Lush’s best-selling bombs. This bomb starts as a hot pink ball of powder embossed with moons and stars. When dropped into water, its dissolving process mimics the sky at dusk, turning from pink to purple, and finally to a deep black.

Although bath bombs are once again exploding in popularity, they’ve been around for a while.

They were originally the brainchild of Mo Constantine, the co-founder of Lush. She was inspired by the action of Alka Seltzer, and by combining a mixture of baking soda and citric acid, the original bath bomb was born.

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Those familiar with skincare know that baking soda isn’t good for the skin due to its high pH. However, the reaction that occurs when baking soda is mixed with water and citric acid lowers the concoction’s pH as a whole.

This summer, bath bomb enthusiasts decided they wanted more than fragrance and glitter— they wanted the world record for the biggest bath bomb in the world.

There was no official record to beat because no one had ever attempted it— until Mama Pearson’s Soaporium stepped up to the plate.

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Guinness World Records told Mama Pearson’s that to get an official certificate they’d need to make a 45-pound bath bomb, but the shop decided to do one better.

On June 9, 2018, Mama Pearson’s set the record with a bath bomb weighing 198.64 pounds.

“I feel awesome,” said owner Amie Pearson.

“I feel so happy. I’m over the moon happy.”

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Then, one week later, Vat19 uploaded a YouTube video that took everyone by surprise.

In the video, the Vat19 crew goes above and beyond Mama Pearson’s record, creating a 2,000-pound bath bomb.

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Then they roll it into a pool and capture the unforgettable results.

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Vat19’s stunt is only the latest involving YouTubers going to extremes with bath bombs. For example, this past March, YouTuber Karina Garcia garnered 5.7 million views when she dropped more than a thousand bath bombs into a jacuzzi.

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The Vat19 crew switched it up a bit, making one giant bath bomb instead.

They made their giant bath bomb using 31 fifty-pound bags of corn starch, citric acid, baking soda, and black dye.

As you can imagine, making 2,000 pounds of the mixture took quite a bit of time.

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Once everything was mixed, it was time to set the mold. An obnoxiously large-sized bath bomb mold isn’t the easiest thing to find. So, instead, the crew made one out of epoxy and fiberglass.

“To make our large mold, we’re going back to our old friend fiberglass,” a man explained.

“We’re going to make two halves that come apart and hopefully reveal a giant bath bomb.”

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The incredible explosion was uploaded to YouTube, where it has been viewed 14 million times.

Despite the bomb’s magnificence, a lot of people were oddly concerned about how the crew would clean up their pool:

“How to destroy a pool filter 101”

“How did you guys clean up the pool?”

“And there goes your filtration system.”

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If you’re interested in making your own bath bombs, it’s a pretty easy process— but you will need a mold. The Spruce Craft has an amazing, customizable recipe, which you can access here.

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Watch the 2,000-pound bath bomb explode below!

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